Song of Our Roots


1. The workshop for the Festival Choir will focus on the Lutheran Chorale and will be led by Marcin Armański – an organist, an organmaster and a reconstructor of historical keyboards instruments. He is associated with Świdnica where, among other things, he was a cantor in the Church of Peace. Prepared songs we’ll be presented during Friday’s Choralabend.

2. Workshop – 'The song battle with Martin Luther'. It will be led by a Czech musicologist and an expert in Silesian hymnals – Jan Kvapil – and also by Michael Pospíšil. The lecture 'Confession contrafactum based on the song of Martin Luther - Erhalt uns Herr bei deinem Wort' will be a prelude. This song was one of the most popular German protestant songs which attacked the Pope. It was the reason why the real battle with this song started in the Habsburg Empire, which Silesia was part of too. In consequence, many contrafactum and literary adaptations appeared.

3. The Byzantine-Slavonic Chant Workshop. Its aim will be preparation of the vespers which will be completed on Saturday in the Greek-Catholic Church. The worksshop will be led by a cantor - Andriy Shkrabyuk - an expert on both chant traditions: Ukrainian-Slavonic and Greek-Byzantine.

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